How to recover deleted files and restore deleted files.
Restore and recover deleted files.

How to recover deleted files? You can usually recover your lost or deleted files – of course if you find out that something is missing soon enough. Every time you are using your computer and write to the hard drive, you lower the chance of a successful recovery. You should use your computer as little as possible before you recover as much as you can.

Here you can find some useful solutions to recover deleted files from Hard Drive:

  1. Recycle Bin recovery
  2. Backups recovery
  3. Recover deleted files with data recovery software

Step: 1

How to recover deleted files? We all know Recycle Bin of some operating system and how it works. All deleted data will go in to you Recycle Bin and you can restore it from there. To restore files from Recycle Bin just go into it, right click on the files you want to recover and choose Restore. Always check your recycle bin carefully before you empty it.

Step: 2

With the technologies today it is most likely you have a backup. All you need is to use your backup and restore all losses. This will be the easiest way for you to do data recovery. If you do not have a backup maybe it’s time to get one. There are so many backup options you can use like: online backup services, backup devices and many more. This will prevent data loss into the future.

Step: 3

You have no backup and there is nothing into the Recycle Bin. In situation like this, the only way is data recovery software – Recuva professional. This is a good and easy recovery tool with a capability of restoring deleted data from hard drive. You can also use this program to recover data loss like: format, virus attack and more. Just follow the steps below of how to use this data recovery software. You can also use the free version of Recuva.

How to install:

Log in as an administrator. An administrator is someone who can make changes on a computer. In order to install or uninstall a program, you need to have administrator access, or know the administrator password. To log in as an administrator, you need to have a user account on the computer with an Administrator account type. If your account type is not Administrator, and you don’t know administrator password you can’t install or uninstall programs.

Click at the Recuva professional.exe and follow the steps. It’s portable to use the program without installation on your computer. You have to install the program on to another computer, and put it into folder on a flash drive.

recuva install 1

recuva install 1 2

recuva install 1 3

Now that you’ve done this you can proceed with the recovery. Open the program and follow the steps. Choose the file type you want to recover: pictures, music, documents, video, emails all files.

recuva 2

Choose the file locations or if not sure you can tick i’m not sure option. This option will scan euriware in you Hard Drive. You can also unable deep scan but this option may take over an hour. Klick start and wait until the process finish.

recuva 3

recuva 4

After the process finish search for the lost files, tick anything you want to restore and klick on the recover button.