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777888999 phone number WhatsApp message ...

777888999 phone number WhatsApp message hoax. 777888999 phone number is the latest WhatsApp message hoax. According to the massage coming from WhatsApp, if a user answer the incoming call from 777888999 phone number, the phone will explode or set on fire. What what seems to be the issue with this is that the explosion may cause harm to the user answering the phone or even death, however […]

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CrySis ransomware master key published. ...

CrySis ransomware master key

CrySis ransomware master key published. Security researchers working on a decryption tool. CrySis ransomware master key reported to be published just recently by security researchers, which are working on a decryption tool. This a great news for victims suffered from CrySis rasnomware and .xtbl extension appended to locked files. Is this the end of CrySis projekt or developers are working on a new […]

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Movie associated with Michael Schumacher...

michael schumacher virus

Michael Schumacher virus will spy on user banking accounts. The title: “Video: Moment de l’accident de Michael Schumacher! (EXCLUSIF)” Michael Schumacher virus is the phrase that users use, trying to find some information regarding video delivering a spyware. Apparently there is a spyware virus spreading through the facebook social network that users should be aware of, which involves Michael Schumacher video. The video makers claim that a tourist accidentally […]

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[email protected] helpappleus03


helpappleus03 virus. New Iphone attack. Massive apple ransomware attack. Iphone and Ipad devices locked and icloud accounts stolen. [email protected] Helpappleus03. New virus seems to be attacking phones. This may be a big ransom attack. Victims infected with this are persuaded to contact on email [email protected] Apparently vicitms of Helpappleus03 are left with locked devices and a massage when iphone is turned on:

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Chimera ransomware decrypt and remove .c...

Chimera ransomware

Chimera ransomware. Petya developers released chimera ransomware keys. Chimera ransomware is one of all the viruses that lock user files. Ransomware is getting more and more popular due to be a good source of profit. More and more cybercriminals are getting into this black business, because it is fast way to make money. Chimera ransomware is known to be distributed via malicious e-mail attachments to small companies. Ransomware is […]

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Stampado Ransomware virus removal .locke...

stampado ransomware

Stampado Ransomware. File extension .locked removal. New ransomware is advertised on the Dark Web. Only $39 for a lifetime license. Stampado Ransomware is new virus development. The low price of $39 on the dark web concerns security researchers for upcoming wave of infections. It is unique because unlike other than paying monthly rent of hundreds of dollars, Stampado offers lifetime license for as low as $39. This is the cheapest among all ransomware being offered on the […]

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MIRCOP Ransomware .Lock decrypt and remo...

MIRCOP Ransomware

MIRCOP Ransomware. Decryptor forge to unlock MIRCOP files for free. Also known as MicroCop MIRCOP Ransomware that demand $30K. WOW. The suspicious, ridiculous and sally 30K demand can mean only one thing. The ransomware is looking for a fast way to steal as much money as posible. Unlike other ransom viruses who depends on constant developments, campaigns and reasonable demands, MIRCOP depend on ridiculous demand. The reason for this is cyber criminals know that the virus […]

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