World War Ransomware. World War R. WWR.
Cyber security war.

World War Ransomware. Ransomware is powerful malware (malicious software) virus that executes cryptography attack using variety of encryption algorithms. Ransomware developers simply use crypto techniques to lock victim’s files and demand ransom in return of decryption key. As victim’s data is locked, files are in on use and no longer able to open due to encryption. This ransomware hijacking behaviour operating online is lately possible in a world with cryptocurrency and modern computer systems.

First ransomware attack was reported in 2005. Since then, ransomware is descend to generate direct revenue. Today in year 2016, this viruses are so well developed, that sometimes leaves no choice for victims but to pay. Тhis is considered to be fraud, however developers have the opportunity to cover all tracks with many options that today’s technology allows. Now the number of ransomware variants is significantly rising.

World War R has began in early 2016. We get reports for new ransom developments daily. The ransom attacks is on the rise. The target are not only home users but also business, agensys, hospitals and more. Anyone with a valuable information is a possible target. Security researchers had to develop new and more powerful protection. Now big security software companies are uniting to fight against ransomware developers.

Encrypting information was first used to protect commercial, diplomatic and military communication. An example of this is Enigma machine developed in early 1920s. Enigma machine was developed by the German engineer Arthur Scherbius and used end of World War I and during World War II. Since the encrypted military massiges were with important content, Enigma code was attempted to be cracked. A flaw in German’s encryption, which double-encrypted the first three letters at the beginning of each message, allowed Alan Turing to crack Enigma code. He designed a machine that successfully decrypt German’s enigma coded messages.

World War Ransomware

WWR has began in the moment that security researchers start developing decryption tools. The war was declared, victims and security researchers against ransomware developers. This is no ordinary was but a cyber war and no lives will be lost. Instead user digital data have been targeted. Cyber computer security will substitute bunkers and weapons.

Any ransomware can be decrypted. Encrypting and decrypting data is not a problem by itself. Now there is ongoing circle between decrypting a ransomware and developing a new ransom variant, which stops the decryption tool from working. This can continue forever until security researchers outsmart ransomware developers. Sometimes decryption tools help cybercriminals find their mistakes and fix the problem and building more superior malware. 

Now for the hard part. Keeping a description tool in secret or ransomware developers will change the design every time they find out that someone managed to crack there code. But how can victims of ransomware can find out about decryption tool without the virus developers does? Well this is the question of which we don’t have answer. Today’s technology makes finding information online easy. Hiding it from someone and revealing it others is almost impossible. I said almost impossible, because nothing is impossible. If malware developers can cover tracks so a decryption tool developers can. World War Ransomware is not the war of fire power but a brain war.

For now the best way i can think of is to hide the decryption tool in the actual security software. All decryption tools must be integrated into all anti-malware, anti-virus and security software on the market. This will not hide it from ransomware developers, but it will at least delay it from finding out about it. Communication between cyber security companies is a must and the best way to fight against ransomware. All security companys must be now allies but not a competitors.

How to prevent and protect against ransomware?

Manual steps to remove ransomware or malware. How to prevent ransomware or malware.

For now, removing ransomware or malware manually will only be able for IT specialists. If you don't know one don't worry. We have a solution for you. Over here we will use Spyhunter to remove the virus. The Spyhunter anti-malware is a collection of programs that can be used to scan for malware and clean infected computers. You can also use full anti-malware program in this case which is the better option because it also offers protection.

How to remove "ransomware or malware"

NOTE: In this option the virus will be removed but the files will remain locked! You have to decrypt your files.
  1. Download Spyhunter anti-malware.
  1. 2.  After program has been downloaded, double-click to open it. User will have to install the program. Click on Spyhunter.exe to start the process.
User Account Control dialog may appear, asking you to allow the following program to make changes to this computer. Click "Yes" or "Run" to proceed with the installation. User can also choose variety of languages. Click Ok and the installation will begin with a welcome massage for Spyhunter. Click Next to continue to the next step. User will also have to accept Spyhunter license agreement by clicking on "I accept the agreement" and click Next. Spyhunter will ask user to read important information provided before continuing. Once done click on next to go to the next step. User can choose where to install the program. By default - C:Program FilesEnigma Software GroupSpyHunter. The process will continue and then Spyhunter will install. The installation process may take awhile, depending on a computer system performance. Once the installation is done, click Finish.
  1. 3. Update the software before scanning. Once program has been updated go to scan. You can choose from a free trial version or activate license. It is recommended to buy full version as the trial will not protect computer system.
  1. 4. The scan process will begin. The scan process may take awhile, depending on a computer system performance.
  1. 5. Once the scan is complete you can choose between delete or quarantine the viruses. The quarantine option is recommended and since the malware is active a reboot will be required to finish process.

Click here for guide of how to uninstall spyhunter.

Decrypt ransomware files.

Good news is that we can now use decryption programs. A lot of security companies like Kasperky lab, bitdefender and more has developed a program that is fully capable of decryption key for ransomware malware. You can find this programs anywhere on the internet but it is strongly suggested to download this programs from official websites. NOTE: It may take a long time for your files to be decrypted depending on your PC performance.