WatchMojo account compromised. One of the most popular YouTube channels has been hacked. “HACKED BY OBNOXIOUS AND PEIN”.

With over 12 million subscribers WatchMojo is one of the biggest youtube channels. On wednesday evening subscribers were surprised with substitute title. One of most popular youtube channel WatchMojo was hacked by hackers known as Obnoxious and Pein. Almost all of WatchMojo’s videos were renamed with the title “HACKED BY OBNOXIOUS AND PEIN”. Along with the new title, two new videos has been uploaded by the hackers, “Top 5 Facts About the Yakuza” and a video about Neanderthal myths. It seems that hackers have not touched anything else on the channel.WatchMojo HACKEDThe popular channel WatchMojo announced its awareness of the current situation and that they have already contacted YouTube about the hackers. WatchMojo stated that they already starting to fix the problem.

The question is it really a hack or WatchMojo act to make itself more popular, we don’t know. Hoever a chanel hacked with over 12 million subscribers could lead to further and even worse consequences. So far the identity of the hackers has not been determined. After announcement that the chanel has been compromised, others encouraged WatchMojo to delete the channel and all of its content.

Considering the problem we can not exclude the possibility of a massive malicious attack, delivering ransomware to all subscribers. We have seen big companies like linkedin has been hacked before and users passwords sold.

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