Short review of RANSOM_CRYPSAM.C

These days there is a new threat over the internet space – RANSOM_CRYPSAM.C .  This virus is ransomware and trojan both (to remind ransomware branch of viruses are very nasty and could cause you money and headache). The combination of ransomware + trojan can be devastating for your personal information and your overall PC performance . So our advice , as in many other articles isto have a backup copy of your essential information,pictures,programs and documents. The best way to store this type of information is to keep it away from your computer on a flash drive or separate SSD. Try not to keep pass codes,usernames and credit card information on your computer if you get infected with badass Trojan you have to know that you will not be only one who uses this information. So try to remember these safety tips , and we will ensure you will never have to concern about your privacy . So lets continue with this virus . For every Windows users misfortune , this Trojan is now reported only Windows platform PC’s – this means that if you use Windows XP or newer, you have to be very careful what files or programs are you downloading and keep aware of clicking on pop-up windows. We suggest you if you are using older version of Windows if is possible to upgrade to a newer version . You might know that older versions of Windows operational system is not supported anymore , which means that Windows firewall or built in security programs are not up-to-day therefore is bigger risk to get infected with viruses .

How to recognize infection with RANSOM_CRYPSAM.C ?

As a Trojan type of virus you have to know several important things that are vital for your internet security . Usually Trojan viruses are dropped by other installation of program . What does that mean ? – It means that you have to be very careful when you download software from unknown sites,sites that are full with ads or links sent you by unknown e-mail authors . If you have an e-mail sometimes you see in you inbox that you have many messages from people that you do not even know . Some of these e-mails are advertisements and if you open this type of mail – you do not have to worry for this , what is have to keep an eye for is attached files in e-mails. If you open mail with attached file or files – the first thing to do is to delete it. If you are interested what is this file – congratulations you had understood one of the many ways to infect with Trojan . But RANSOM_CRYPSAM.C is no joke, if you infected with this virus , it contaminates your system and damages vital processes and files . If you have thought that your computers behave has changed – loads Windows for a long time , doesn’t open applications or browser opens by himself  it’s highly possible for you to be infected . That is not the worst part of this tricky virus , what is worse than this is that RANSOM_CRYPSAM.C can crypt your files . If that happens you will be no longer able to open or use them . The virus targets in office documents , executable files , system files , music files and other . If the file is encrypted,his extension name has been changed and you have to pay money to unlock this files . This is most common type of extortion by threat in internet space . There are several ways of trying to get back your files .


Note: Removing RANSOM_CRYPSAM.C manually could be very risky and unpredictable!

Several methods to remove RANSOM_CRYPSAM.C and recover your files

Use any type of anti malware software to remove RANSOM_CRYPSAM.C.

NOTE: In this option the virus will be removed but the files will remain locked! You have to decrypt your files.

New research discovery shows how ransomware deletes files and substitute encrypted copy of them. It is not guaranteed, but it is a possibility that you may recover your files with data recovery software. Before trying to decrypt any files you can scan your computer for posible data loss.

Go here to find out how to recover deleted files.

Step by step how to remove RANSOM_CRYPSAM.C

Manual steps to remove ransomware or malware. How to prevent ransomware or malware.

For now, removing ransomware or malware manually will only be able for IT specialists. If you don't know one don't worry. We have a solution for you. Over here we will use Spyhunter to remove the virus. The Spyhunter anti-malware is a collection of programs that can be used to scan for malware and clean infected computers. You can also use full anti-malware program in this case which is the better option because it also offers protection.

How to remove "ransomware or malware"

NOTE: In this option the virus will be removed but the files will remain locked! You have to decrypt your files.
  1. Download Spyhunter anti-malware.
  1. 2.  After program has been downloaded, double-click to open it. User will have to install the program. Click on Spyhunter.exe to start the process.
User Account Control dialog may appear, asking you to allow the following program to make changes to this computer. Click "Yes" or "Run" to proceed with the installation. User can also choose variety of languages. Click Ok and the installation will begin with a welcome massage for Spyhunter. Click Next to continue to the next step. User will also have to accept Spyhunter license agreement by clicking on "I accept the agreement" and click Next. Spyhunter will ask user to read important information provided before continuing. Once done click on next to go to the next step. User can choose where to install the program. By default - C:Program FilesEnigma Software GroupSpyHunter. The process will continue and then Spyhunter will install. The installation process may take awhile, depending on a computer system performance. Once the installation is done, click Finish.
  1. 3. Update the software before scanning. Once program has been updated go to scan. You can choose from a free trial version or activate license. It is recommended to buy full version as the trial will not protect computer system.
  1. 4. The scan process will begin. The scan process may take awhile, depending on a computer system performance.
  1. 5. Once the scan is complete you can choose between delete or quarantine the viruses. The quarantine option is recommended and since the malware is active a reboot will be required to finish process.

Click here for guide of how to uninstall spyhunter.

Decrypt ransomware files.

Good news is that we can now use decryption programs. A lot of security companies like Kasperky lab, bitdefender and more has developed a program that is fully capable of decryption key for ransomware malware. You can find this programs anywhere on the internet but it is strongly suggested to download this programs from official websites. NOTE: It may take a long time for your files to be decrypted depending on your PC performance.